Government Shutdown

us capital building

January 8, 2019

Students & Families,

As we enter the third week of the federal government shutdown, I want to let you know that Massasoit is here to help.

Although the government shutdown creates issues for students who require electronic matching records from the IRS or other federal departments, Massasoit implemented a process several years ago that allows students who have filed a FAFSA to enroll in and begin their courses until such time as their financial aid is processed. This means that students who have filed a FAFSA, even if it is incomplete, are able to register and take their spring courses. Once the government reopens, students will be able to complete the application process and will still be able to receive the financial aid for which they qualify.  

We do not anticipate that this shutdown will have a significant impact across Massasoit. However, some students who are unable to complete the application process will not have access to financial aid book advances to help pay for required books and supplies; in these cases, students may be eligible for assistance from the United Student Fund.

Our Financial Aid team is available to answer any questions you may have at 508-588-9100, x1479 or by email at As updates become available, we will post them here.

I look forward to seeing you for the spring semester!

Gena Glickman, Ph.D.