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Instructional Media Services
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Instructional Media Services (IMS) provides instructional services, technology and support for all academic programs and events on campus. We encourage you to contact the staff for all your classroom support questions.

Ordering Services
Brockton & Canton Campus
Routine audio-visual orders should be received in Brockton 2 DAYS before the scheduled date of use. A written form is available in Media Services. To assure that we have complete order information a written form is preferred over phone messages or hand-written notes to Media.

Download Media Request Form here.

E-mail requests can be sent to: Media Services - Brockton. There is a shared folder at this address with an order form.

Media Library Collection has moved.

The Media Services' Video Collection has been relocated to the Brockton campus library. This move was made so faculty and students could take advantage of the longer open hours of the library. The library now contains a collection of 1/2" VHS pre-recorded tapes and a collection of faculty reserved tapes & other media materials such as audiocassettes, and CD's. The Library has VHS players for student and faculty previewing. All material in the collection is available for classroom use by faculty.
Semester-long reservations are available for those who will need services during every class period. Be sure to exclude class days that you know media equipment will not be required, such as field work days or exam days. And do include make-up days from snow or holiday interruptions. Canton requests will continue to be handled through Canton Media Services in the Canton library, and on extension 2622.

Overhead projectors and screens are available for most classrooms, and would not require a reservation under normal circumstances. If your room is without an overhead projector, cart, or screen please call Media Services. If you are planning a major campus event such as a workshop or conference please schedule a meeting with Media to plan your event's needs. Because it may become necessary to use a significant amount of equipment or specialized technology for your event, a meeting with media staff will permit planning ahead for unforeseen needs such as equipment rental, licenses or permits.

The media staff offers training in the use of all classroom equipment. All faculty and staff wishing to use multimedia projectors, camcorders, built-in media systems or laptop PC's are required to take a one-time brief training session in the safe operation of this technology. Please call the campus reservation number (X 1427 Brockton - X 2622 Canton) to schedule a session. Office hours are 8:30 to 5:30. Normal operating hours are from 7:30AM until 10PM on Monday through Thursday, Fridays until 5PM. Coverage in Brockton extends through Saturday (8AM to 1PM).

Ordering Services - Conference Center
Conference Center media reservations are handled by the Conference Center staff. There are charges for use of equipment and personnel when used for non-academic conferences or meetings. A list of charges is available from the Conference Center Staff.
Equipment Services
VCR & Monitor - 1/2" VHS videotape recorder/player with TV/Monitor
3/4" U-Matic videocassette recorder and Monitor
1/2" VHS Camcorder & Monitor
TV - for use with campus closed circuit system
Audiocassette Player/Recorder
Audio CD player
Record player
35mm Slide Projector
Filmstrip Projector
16mm Film Projector
Portable Projection Screen
Flip chart Easel
Laptop PC with scan converter and video monitor

Multimedia projector (with VHS VCR or PC)
*Built-in multimedia projection systems in Brockton: B-544, B-546, LA-559, LA-560 and LA-562.

*Built-in multimedia projection - Canton: 211
Built-in video/VCR systems in LA-561, LA-446, LA-447, FA-329
Specialized Services (Systems)
Sound reinforcement systems
Multi-microphone sound systems with mixer
Built-in sound system in Brockton Upper Student Lounge
Audio Teleconferencing (in locations with telephone line access)
Video Teleconferencing: Canton 108, 110, Brockton LA-555 (contact TV Studio x1981)

Production Services
Audiotape duplication
Videotape duplication - VHS (TV Studio x 1981)
Single Color Posters/Banners (Brockton Media Center)
Overhead Transparencies

* Note: Faculty and staff wishing to use the built-in multimedia systems must be checked out in advance in the safe use of these systems. A key will then be issued that will work with all multimedia classroom systems. No reservation of this equipment will then be necessary.
Copyright clearances are required for materials to be reproduced, broadcast or modified, unless Fair Use provisions apply. Not all pre-recorded videotapes are cleared for classroom use. Some tapes may be viewed only by individuals in the campus library. Check with Media/TV in advance of ordering.

Guidelines at

For clearances contact:
Copyright Clearance Center (508) 750-8400 or visit
Contact Information:
Ed Krasnow Interim Director of Radio/TV & Media Services Ext. 1981
Teresa Gonzalez Assistant Director for Media Services Ext. 1800
Barbara Baptiste Brockton Evening Media Specialist Ext. 1804
  Canton Coordinator of Media Distribution Ext. 2622
Traci DuBray Canton Evening Learning Resources Technician Ext. 2622

Brockton Classroom Services Media Center, RM FA-456 Ext. 1427
Brockton on-Campus Events
(conference and board rooms)
Denise Gomes Ext. 1161
Conference Center Events Contact Linda Bean (508) 587-0638 Ext. 1860
Canton Services Canton Library Ext. 2622
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