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Welcome to Online Learning at Massasoit

• Massasoit Community College’s Online Learning Program offers the prospect for you to attend classes at times that will fit into your busy schedule.

• Although online classes are not necessarily self-paced, they do offer flexibility as to when you log into your class.

• An online course is indistinguishable from a conventional face-to-face course because the content of the course is the same.  The difference is the learning environment.

• In most online courses there are usually set deadlines for coursework and students must be disciplined enough to submit written assignments, complete readings and take tests and quizzes as assigned.

• As on online student you should feel comfortable in a self-directed environment.  Familiarity with computers is needed to make the most of this learning experience.

• The Online Learning Program seeks to provide Massasoit Community College students with the opportunity to succeed in an online environment.

• The college offers a wide range of online courses that fit into various degree programs that prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and credentials needed to launch, enhance, or change careers.

• At Massasoit Community College we support your goals every step of the way from instruction, tutoring, right through career counseling and placement services, with courses delivered in a way that fits your schedule and needs.

Online Learning Models Available at Massasoit

Massasoit offers two types of online learning courses: fully online courses and blended courses. Online courses provide a way for you to customize your learning experience to match your educational goals, learning styles, and scheduling constraints.    

Online Courses
Online courses allow students to take courses by computer at home, work, or in our computer labs. Each course has a site on the World Wide Web, while assignments and communication with the instructor take place by electronic mail or via a course website.   Students are required to have readily available computer and internet access for online courses.  

Benefits: With Online classes, students meet online during the semester. This gives students the opportunity to experience the individualized, student-centered attention Massasoit is known for and access campus resources – without having to leave home or rush from work every week.

For more information about courses, please access the Current Course Offerings.

Blended Courses
Blended courses are a combination of online and face-to-face instruction. The courses typically have course websites, have assignments and communication with the instructor that take place by electronic mail, and have approximately half of their class sessions face to face to further explain course material. Students are required to have a readily available computer and internet access for blended courses. Blended courses require the students to meet face to face with their instructors approximately half of the class time. Information about specific face to face class sessions will be provided in orientation materials and/or during the first scheduled class session.

Benefits: Blended courses allow students the opportunity to balance the better of two worlds – face to face interaction with your instructor and classmates and the opportunity to experience individualized, student-centered attention while accessing campus resources from home or work.

For more information about courses, please access the Current Course Offerings.
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