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Quotations Resources
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Barlett's Familiar Quotations - A collection of passages, phrases, and proverbs traced to their sources in ancient and modern literature” from Bartlett’s Quotations, Columbia Quotations, Simpson’s Quotations, and Respectfully Quoted. Easy to use site, the search engine is directly in the center of the page, enter an author or keyword. For quick searching there is also a Chronologic Index of Authors, Alphabetic Index of Authors, and a Concordance Index to Quotations.
The Oxford Shakespeare - Complete Works of William Shakespeare, the 1914 Oxford edition – 37 plays and 154 sonnets. For the poetry, searching can be done by first line or sonnet number. Search is easy to use, in center of page, add keywords, character name, or short phrase.
Quoteland - Quotations are organized by topic such as Sports, Movies, Love, Special Occasion. There are user discussion groups, a reference library to historical documents, audio and speeches amongst other links.
Quotation Archive - Though not a large database of quotes, under 2000, the quotation website is easy to maneuver as the subjects are clearly listed. Also search by author.
Rockwisdom - Quotations are organized in categories chosen by the author such as Kiss-offs, Pick up lines, love is….There are also links to sites that have the entire lyrics to songs, organized by kind of music.
Simpson’s Contemporary Quotations - The most notable quotations from 1950-1988.
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