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Music Resources
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Christmas Lyrics - You can listen to the music without lyrics or read the lyrics of numerous Christmas Carols. There are also articles and links to resources about matters of interest to Catholics.
PopCultureMadness Novelty Song Lyric Collection - Collection of lyrics of popular American novelty songs (i.e., ones that are purposefully amusing or silly and many of which were meant for vaudeville stage) during the first third of twentieth century.
Jazz & Blues - Links to sites about jazz musicians or their own websites, labels, charts, other jazz resources and the blues.
Lyrics Ring - Links to about 100 sites with lots of lyrics and information related to lyrics for a wide range of songs from hip hop to love songs, from English to Chinese songs. Through some links you can download lyric files so that the lyrics are displayed when you play your music CDs under Windows.
Rock & Roll - This site attempts to explore the roots of Rock and Roll through the natural progression of previous musical styles. There is also information about the many different aspects of Rock and Roll and a links page.
Rockwisdom - Quotations are organized in categories chosen by the author such as Kiss-offs, Pick up lines, love is….There are also links to sites that have the entire lyrics to songs, organized by kind of music.
Worldwide Internet Music Resources - Very extensive list of links to sites about individual musicians of all genres and popular groups, ensembles and groups for other kinds of music, composers and composition, genres and types of music, research, the commercial world of music, and online music journals and magazines.
Music Reference Collection Online - Although many of the options in the menu are only for UCLA faculty and students, there are some very useful links through the options under the heading, Music Resources Online. Also, if you click on Reference and Instruction under Information and Services, then Library Guides followed by Directory of Music User Guides for Libraries, you will access links to guides about different aspects of music.
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