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Languages and Linguistics Resources
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ARTFL Project - Project for American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language. Fully searchable texts of nearly 2,000 French classic works, ranging from the 17th to the 20th centuries. (University of Chicago)
ATA Directories - Created to represent the professional association of translators and interpreters this site offers a directory of individuals or companies that will help with users translation needs (American Translators Association).
Dictionaries - Created by the Yahoo Search Engine, this site links out to a variety of language dictionaries (French, Spanish, Polish, to name a few). There are also links to multi-lingual dictionaries.
Ethnologue - Provides information on all the languages of the world. A summary chart is provided listing the number of languages spoken in all the major areas of the world. This site is very popular with linguists.
I Love Languages - Links to more than 2,000 websites dealing with language lessons, translations, language schools and jobs. (formerly The Human-Languages Page)
Modern Language Association - Links to translators, language sites and “LOGs” (Lonweb Online Guides). “LOGs” are translators that have volunteered to answer email questions about their native language. Check out the Bilingual Short Stories link.
Online Dictionaries & Translators - site has attempted to link out to as many online dictionaries as possible. Scroll down to the blue box to see the many languages covered on this website.
Urban Dictionary - a slang dictionary with your definitions
WordNet: a Lexical Database for the English Language - Wordnet can be used as a simple ditionary/thesaurus. The web interface allows users to search for a word and view its network of related words.
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