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Education Resources
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Child Trends - Collects and analyzes data; conducts, synthesizes, and disseminates research; designs and evaluates programs; and develops and tests promising approaches to research on child welfare and behavior.
The Condition of Education - Integrated collection of the indicators and analyses published in The Condition of Education 2011–2012.
Digest of Education Statistics - Includes a selection of data from many sources, both government and private, and draws especially on the results of surveys and activities carried out by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).
Encyclopedia of ED Stats - National Center for Education Statistics brings together data from several NCES sources including: The Condition of Education, The Digest of Education Statistics, Indicators of School Crime and Safety, and Projections of Education Statistics.
ERIC/AE Test Locator - More than 100,000 documents in ERIC® that can be downloaded for free by anyone, on demand.
Eric - Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), a federally-funded national information system that provides through its 16 subject-specific clearinghouses, associated adjunct clearinghouses, and support components, a variety of services and products on a broad range of education-related issues.
Kathy Schrock 's Guide for Educators - Categorized list of sites useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth.
U.S. Hispanic and Latino Education - Information on college and university organizations
Massachusetts Department of Education - Covers five areas: news, district/school administration, education services, assessment/accountability, and family & community.
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) - Primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data that are related to education in the United States and other nations.
Peterson's Guide - Wide spectrum of college planning advice for high school students, parents and international students. Free tests and tips for SAT's etc.
Projections of Education Statistics to 2013 - Included are national data on enrollment and graduates for the past 14 years and projections to the year 2013, as well as state-level data on enrollment in public elementary and secondary schools and public high school graduates to the year 2013.
U.S. Department of Education - Alphabetized list of searchable topics in education.
Merlot - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching. Extensive collection of online learning materials. Recommended 2/08 Choice magazine
National Council of Teachers Mathematics - Abundant resources for mathematics educators at all levels. Choice 1/08.
Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies - Centre alerts users to emerging technologies and seeks to support innovative e-learning practices. Choice 2/08.
Open University - Open source course material. Variety of offerings include Art and History, IT and Computing, Business and Management, Law, Study Skills, and Technology.
Skillswise - BBC - For adult learners interested in basic literary and math skills. British usages may be confusing. Choice 5/2009.
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