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Massasoit Community College Sustainable Task Force
Landscaping Committee

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Landscaping Committee Members
Spring 2012
Melanie Trecek-King, Chair
Jim Tressel Dick Nagle
Holly States Linda Kollett
John Philibert George Mager
Liz Helton Palma Cortese
Will Eaton Nick Palantzas
Ann Marie Burke  
NASA Earth Observatory
New England Wildflower Society
“Study:  Lawn Mowing Equals Car Trip”
Invasive Plants of Massachusetts
Invasive Plant Atlas of New England (IPANE)
Pearl’s Premium
Wildflower Meadow in front of Administration Building / Fall 2010

Sustainable Landscaping Efforts Featured
New England Wild Flower Society
September 2010
Take a moment, and look at the link below from the New England Wild Flower Society spotlighting the landscaping efforts at Massasoit Community College. It’s a wonderful article!

Special thanks go out to Melanie Trecek-King, Chair, of the Landscaping Subcommittee and the Facilities Department for all of their hard work!
Read the article.

Sustainable Landscaping Updates
April 2010

Green Team
This year the Sustainable Landscaping Subcommittee is working on some exciting projects:
1.  Sustainable lawn:  As many people seem to love their lawns (even with our best efforts to convince them otherwise!), we have decided to install a sustainable lawn.  Keeping in mind that no lawn is completely sustainable, we can do our best!  We've decided to install Pearl's Premium Grass Seed in the areas adjacent to the Science and Technology Buildings facing the Quad.  The seed is a mix of slow-growing native fescues, that are tolerant of a wide range of environmental conditions, require no fertilizing or watering once established, stay green longer during the year, and only need mowed two to three times per year. Check out these sites for more information:,
2.  Planting trees/shrubs:  We are hoping to replace some of the trees that were cut down for the security cameras or because they were dying (as many of you know, most of the trees planted on campus were planted with the plastic bags around the roots, which is why many trees on campus are dying).  We will have applied for funding.

There's more..., To see what other projects Sustainable Landscaping is working on, visit
us on Facebook.
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