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The Corporate & Professional Training at Massasoit
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Corporate & Professional Training
Q. What is Corporate and Professional Training?
A. At Massasoit Community College we define corporate & professional training as providing focused, content oriented training sessions
to build a better prepared workforce in the community.

Q. Why should I chose Corporate and Professional Training Center at Massasoit?
A. We understand the needs of local businesses because we are part of the local community. In addition, our trainers bring years of experience
in working with and for leading businesses in our region.

Q. Is their a minimum number of employees to hold the training?
A. We make every effort to control the size of our classes, and in some cases, training sessions can and do include participants from more
than one company.

Q. Do you have instructional staff who are qualified and experienced to work with non-native English speakers?
A. Yes, we have numerous instructors who do conduct our training sessions, and may many are fluent in more than one language, and are
familiar with different cultures.

Q. It’s hard for my employees to leave workplace for training. Can the training be conducted at my location?
A. Yes, most of our training sessions are held at the business location.

Q. Do you specialize in training for one particular industry segment?
A. Our client base include well known health care providers, regionally and nationally recognized manufacturing facilities, and small business
owners in the Metro South Region.

Q. Will my employees have the opportunity to evaluate the training they received?
A. We have an established process for assessments both before and after the training is conducted.

Q. Do you provide training for state and national certifications?
A. Yes, certifications are available in areas such as OSHA, Servesafe, and CPR as well as custom designed certificates that meet your
businesses needs.
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