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Transfer Credit for Newly Admitted Students
Courses from an accredited college or university will be eligible for transfer to Massasoit Community College. The College most often accepts courses in transfer whose content is similar to a Massasoit course. A maximum of half a student’s program, typically 10 courses or 30 credits for a 60-credit program, may be applied in transfer to an associate’s degree, and a maximum of half the credits required for a certificate program may be applied in transfer.

The student must provide sealed, official transcripts and/or certificates for evaluation by the Admissions Office before transfer credit can be awarded. Transcripts in any language other than English must be accompanied by supporting official translation into English. Additional information may be required of the student.

Massasoit requires the following criteria for transfer credit:
  1. Courses graded C- or above (courses graded as pass/fail will require documentation of actual grade earned; audited courses
    will not be accepted in transfer)
  2. Courses designated as 3 or more semester hours
  3. College-level courses (developmental courses will not be accepted in transfer, but may be considered for placement purposes)
  4. Advanced Placement Exam scores must be 3 or higher to receive credit (Advanced Placement high school credit will not be accepted in transfer). Some departments may require a higher score for transfer of credit.
  5. CLEP score must be 50 or higher to receive credit; students may receive additional credit for higher scores for some exams.

Once transfer credits are awarded, the student will receive a transfer credit evaluation of which courses were accepted in transfer and their Massasoit equivalents. Transfer credits are identified with a grade of “T” and are not calculated into the GPA. 

Important to note when reviewing your transfer credits:
 not all courses accepted for transfer may be applicable to every program. If you have any questions concerning credits that may or may not apply to a program, you may contact the Advisement & Counseling Office at 508.588.9100 x1461 or

If you have any additional questions about transfer credit, please call our office at 508.588.9100 x1411 or send an email to
Currently enrolled students, students with foreign college credit, and students with military transfer credit should contact the Registrar's Office at 508-588-9100 x1949 or send an email to
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