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Estimated College Expenses (for twelve (12) months)
for Non-Massachusetts Residents

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Please Note:
International students must pay out of state tuition rates while attending Massasoit Community College.

Please contact the Massasoit Community College Business Office for information on a budget payment plan offered
by FACTS Management.  508-588-9100 X1515

Students must be attending a full-time (at least 12 credits) program of study each semester they are here.

Estimated Expenses for One-Year
(US Dollars)
  Estimated Cost for Sponsor (tuition and fee only)
(subject to change)
* Full time Tuition and Fees (12 credit hours) $9,240.00   $1,155 per class
** Mandatory Health Insurance $1,640.00   4 Classes minimum required (12 credits) = $4,620.00 per semester
(Yearly fee required unless other coverage is shown)   $9,240.00 per year
*Books/Supplies $1,000.00   NOTE: Health Insurance for one academic year is $1,640.00
*Room and Board $9,000.00   $18,480.00 estimated for Associate Degree Program
Transportation $1350.00    
** Miscellaneous living expenses $1770.00    
Total expenses to be reflected in Financial Form $24,000.00    
* All amounts subject to change.
** Mandatory Health Insurance Fee subject to change.
Students who enter in January will pay for health insurance covering January to August of that year.

Note: Estimated expenses indicate the sponsor’s ability to fully support the student while studying at the college. Because of strict immigration limitations on employment, students should not plan on working as a source of income.

The amount of $24,000.00 does not need to be paid by the sponsor or student to attend Massasoit Community College. However, the stated amount must be shown in the financial documentation to ensure that the student has the sufficient funds to attend college in the United States.
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