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Course Repeat Policy

Financial Aid Office Policy on Repeat Courses

The Financial Aid Course Repeat Policy is not the same as the College policy, as it is based on federal course repeat regulations.

College policy: A course in which a student received a “C-” or below may be repeated without prior approval. A course in which a student received a grade of “C” or higher may be repeated only with prior approval. Waiver to Repeat a Course forms are available in the Registrar’s Office.

Financial Aid Course Repeat Policy: A student may receive financial aid to repeat without limit, any failed or withdrawn course until a passing grade is received, provided the student is otherwise eligible and is making satisfactory academic progress.

Once a passing grade is received in a course, financial aid can be used to repeat that same course one time only.  However, if a student withdraws from a repeated course that was previously passed, that attempt does not count as his or her one allowed retake of that course.

Example 1:  A student takes MATH 101 and receives an “F”, retakes it and receives a “D-”.  The student may receive financial aid to take the course again. If the student receives a grade of “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, or “F” in the course, he or she is not eligible to receive financial aid to repeat the course.

Example 2: A student takes BIOL 201 and receives a “D”. The student may receive financial aid to take the course again. The second time the student takes this course, he or she receives a grade of “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, or “F”.  Financial aid may not be used to repeat this course again.

Example 3:  A student takes ENGL 101 and receives a “C-“, retakes it and withdraws (“W”).  The student may receive financial aid to repeat this course.

A student may not receive financial aid to repeat a course in which they have an active “I” (Incomplete). If a student wishes to receive financial aid, he or she needs to make up the work and receive a grade for the course, or wait to receive an “F” before retaking it.

A student’s aid may be adjusted anytime we determine a course is ineligible for financial aid.

Updated 8/13

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