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The grants office is located
in the LA Building on the
Brockton campus.

For more information
please contact:

Holly States
Associate Dean,
Grants & Sustainability
508-588-9100, ext. 1377

Mary Harris
Director of Grants
508-588-9100, ext. 1376

Michele Montavon
PT Grant Writer
508-588-9100, ext. 1318

Denise Egan
Administrative Assistant
508-588-9100, ext. 1313



Grant Application Procedures


Deadlines, competing priorities, and the complications of partnering with external organizations can sometimes cause the grant application process to veer from the ideal path. In general, however, the following steps should be followed in applying for grant funding at Massasoit.

  1. A faculty or professional staff member interested in pursuing grant funding for new initiatives prepares pages 1 and 2 of the Grant Approval Request (GAR) form and submits it to his/her supervising Dean for review, approval, and signature. The form summarizes the proposed project, including an estimate of the funding request and college resources that will be needed to support the project. At each step in the review process, the proposed project is evaluated for its fit with the college’s mission and priorities. The Dean and faculty or staff member (the proposed Grant Project Coordinator) review the form and the proposed project with their Division Vice President. If the Vice President approves of pursuing grant funding, he/she signs the form as well.
  2. The Grant Project Coordinator then reviews the GAR form with the Director of Grants, who helps complete pages 3 and 4 of the form – a draft budget, an explanation of the project’s fit with the mission and priorities, an estimate of current staff time needed to undertake the project, and information about cash match and sustainability. The Director of Grants signs the completed form.
  3. If a funding source has not yet been identified, the Grants staff performs research to help find one whose mission and funding priorities are a good match with those of the proposed project.
  4. When a funding source has been identified, the Director of Grants or the Associate Dean for Grants and Sustainability presents the GAR form and summarizes the proposed project to the President and/or at a Cabinet meeting. The President and Cabinet members decide whether the grant application may proceed. If an affirmative decision is made, the President signs the GAR form.
  5. The proposed Grant Project Coordinator works with the Grants staff to prepare the draft grant proposal narrative and budget. The Grants staff confers with the Business Office Grant Accountant, Budget Analyst, and Payroll staff on budget issues.
  6. The draft proposal is reviewed by the appropriate Division Dean and Vice President, who will request any updates or revisions they deem necessary. The Vice President determines if the grant proposal is to proceed.
  7. The Grants staff makes the necessary revisions and submits the final proposal to the President for review, approval, and signature. 
  8. The final, approved grant proposal is submitted by the Grants staff to the outside funding agency.

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