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Massasoit Community College Accreditation 2006
Committees and Members
Steering Committee Chair Members
  Barbara Finkelstein
V. P. of Faculty & Instruction
& Accreditation Liaison Officer
Dr. Charles Wall, President
Dr. Carl Kowalski, V. P. of Student Services
& Enrollment Management
Peg Stevenson, Mathematics Professor
& Co-Chair of Self Study
Dr. Tracey Schaub, English Professor
& Co-Chair of Self Study
Peg Norris, English Professor
Gerald Janey, Physics Professor
Roberta Noodell, Dean of Enrollment Management
Peggy Reardon, Staff Assistant
& Secretary to the President
Tina Lowe, Clerk
Committees Chair Administrative Liaison(s) Members
Mission and Purposes Ken Demers Dick Cronin Juanita Brunelle
Diane Johnson
Susan Keith
Gwen Nauls
Joyce Zymaris
Planning and Evaluation Gerald Janey Donna Briggs Mary Chappelle
Kendra Dombi
Sheila Johnson
Kim McKeith-Franks
Barbara Waible  
and Governance
Richard Nagle Carl Kowalski Kenn Anania
Arlene Ford
Robert Kennedy
Peter Meggison
Paul O’Hara
Peggy Reardon
Jim Tressell
Mark Showan
Debra St. George
Janet Tooker
The Academic Program Richard Pepp Barbara Finkelstein Cris Ajemian
Joyce Anderson
Nancy Clancy
Martha DeSilva
Linda Dunn
Eric Hanson
Jack Keating
Ellen Kelly
Linda McAlpine
Fran McCutcheon
Clint Smith
Lynda Thompson
Faculty Marc Simmons Ann McNeil
Peter Johnston
Kate Caffrey
Louise Gratta
Rebecca Shipman Hurst
Dave Malone
Elizabeth Marconi
Lois Martin
Christine Principe
Roger Shea
Students Julie Mulvey Nick Palantzas
Michelle Hughes
Earlene Avalon
Rosie Buja
Earl Dione
Irene Duke
Katie Holland
Jaqueline Jones
Ellen LaVarnway
Susan Martelli
Pat Reale
Kerryn Snyder
Nancy Sullivan
Deidre Vandross
Laura Yellen
Information Resources
and Technology
Anne Perry Carolyn Fagone Al Ayers
Candy Center
Jackie Crossen-Sills
Linda DiPasqua
Pat Getch
Joanne Jones
Patricia Naughton
Mary Nelson
John Philibert
Leighton Sheilds
Dan Vieira
Physical and Technological Resources William Hanna Brian O’Leary Connie Burns
Lee Ann Griggs
Donald Mikes
Beth Morrell
Rocco Richardi
Jennifer Rudolph
Kathleen Wood
Sawsan Zahara
Financial Resources Janet Brown-Sederberg Joan Mulrooney
Sophie Lee
Sally Barney
Sally Callahan
Colleen Collins
Public Disclosure Marianne Rosato   Roberta Noodell
Jim Lynch
David LaFontaine
Debbie Rosenthal
Vera Strong
Michelle Yarrow
Integrity Susan Murgo Peter Akeke
Karyn Boutin
Linda Cohen
T.P. Elliot-Smith
Ross Hall
Allan Kohrman
Mark Walsh
Rose Yesu
Data Collection Mary Goodhue Lynch    
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