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Program Requirements
Human Services

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The Human Services Department offers a two-year program leading
to an Associate in Science Degree in Human Services.

The Human Services Department attracts a diverse student population who share a common desire to work with and help other people. Students are often
enrolled directly from high schools. Others are returning to change careers, while still others have raised families and are seeking career opportunities for
the first time. The ages of Human Services students vary widely.

Most students attend the full-time day program; others earn their degrees on a part-time day or evening basis. Some of these students are currently
employed in social service agencies and are pursuing a degree for purposes of advancement.

To better meet the needs of Massasoit students, there are two options in Human Services - Transfer and Career.

The Career Option
This option maximizes students' opportunities for job placement directly after graduation by emphasizing skill-building course work and practicum
experiences. Students in this option should take special care to choose their Human Service electives and other electives to build knowledge and skills
that will help them reach their individual career objectives.

The Transfer Option
This option allows the Massasoit Human Services graduate to transfer directly into the junior year at other Massachusetts State Colleges. Most students
transfer into Human Services, Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, or Education Programs.

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