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Division Dean
Karyn Boutin
Office: LA113
Ext: 1903
Full-time Faculty
Charles Mastrangelo
Department Chair
Office: LA111
Ext: 1934
Peter Coburn
Office: H120
Ext: 1774
Kevin MacWade
Office: LA104
Ext: 1756
Roger Shea
Office: LA107
Ext: 1562
Richard Nagle
Office: LA450
Ext: 1957
T.P. Elliott-Smith
Office: FA339
Ext: 1825
Michael Mezzano
Office: LA115
Ext: 1934
Paul Chiano
Office: LA115
Ext: 1919
Jared Gilpatrick
Office: LA557
Ext: 1565
Adjunct Faculty
Ray Ajemian
Carl Boen
Paul Chiano
David Colton
James Dolan
Barbara Finkle
Ross Hall
Joseph Kelly
Halima Khan
Stephen Mott Jr.
Robert Neely
Josiah Rotman
Robert Schafer
Carey Shain
Clint Smith
John Swanson
Phil Travis
John Wojtowicz
Division of Public Service & Social Science
History & Government
History & Government Courses
GOVT105 American National Government
HIST151 History Of The N. American Indian
GOVT300 Introduction To Political Science HIST211 History Of Modern Ireland
GOVT301 State & Local Government
HIST212 Irish-American History
HIST101 History Of Western Civilization I
HIST221 History Of Modern England
HIST102 History Of Western Civilization II
HIST231 Twentieth Century Europe
HIST103 United States History I
HIST232 Introduction To Global Issues
HIST104 United States History II
HIST241 History Of Modern Russia
HIST107 Origin Of Civilization HIST251 American Labor History
HIST111 History Of Massachusetts HIST260 African-American History
HIST121 The American Presidency
HIST261 The Africans
HIST131 The United States Since 1945
HIST263 China-Honors Seminar
HIST133 Civil War
HIST265 Regional Studies Of The Non-Western World

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