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Criminal Justice
Division Dean
Karyn Boutin
Office: LA111
Ext: 1903
Full-time Faculty
Patrick Faiella - Chair
Office: LA 108
Ext: 1916
Henry DiCarlo
Office: LA110
Ext: 1917
Christopher DiGiovanni
Office: LA108
Ext: 1922
Aviva Rich-Shea
Office: LA110
Ext: 1927
Adjunct Faculty
Charles Black
Willie Bradley
John Courtney
Peter Crone
James Dolan
Willis Griffiths
Joseph McDonnell
Richard Natoli
Edward O'Leary
Derek Salamone
Carine Sauvignon
Brendan Sullivan
Division of Public Service & Social Science
Criminal Justice
The Associate Degree program in Criminal Justice at Massasoit Community College includes both Day and Evening Programs. The Day Program attracts primarily pre-service students, many of whom are recent high school graduates. Motivations for seeking a degree in Criminal Justice are many. Most wish to prepare for a career in municipal and state policing or attain a position in one of twenty-one federal law enforcement agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Customs Service, or U.S. Marshals Service. This program is Quinn Bill approved.

You may also review the MassTransfer Program if you are planning to transfer to a Massachusetts four-year college to see which colleges are in partnership with Massasoit Community College.

Criminal Justice Program Mission Statement | Criminal Justice Program Goals

Criminal Justice Career Option | Criminal Justice Transfer Option | Law Enforcement Certificate
Criminal Justice Courses
Descriptions | Outcomes
CJUS 101 Introduction To Criminal Justice
CJUS 111 Drugs & Behavior
CJUS 201 Evidence & Court Procedures
CJUS 202 Police - Community Relations
CJUS 211 Introduction To Private Security
CJUS 215 Terrorism & the Criminal Justice System
CJUS 221 Domestic Violence
CJUS 222 Negotiating
CJUS 223 Introductiion to Investigative & Forensic Services
CJUS 231 Juvenile Justice
CJUS 234 Managing of Criminal Justice Organizations
CJUS 302 Corrections
CJUS 305 Criminal Law
CJUS 306 Criminal Procedures
CJUS 309 Probation & Parole
CJUS 316 Police, Community & Society
CJUS 321 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
CJUS 331 Victimology
CJUS 400 Special Study in Criminal Justice
CJUS 403 Criminal Justice Capstone
CJUS 411 Criminal Justice Field Placement
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