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Division of Public Service & Social Science
Child Care Education & Administration
Department Forms
NAEYC Key Assessments
Child Observation Instructions (PDF)
Child Observation Form (.doc)
Child Observation Rubric (PDF)
Initial Portfolio Instructions (PDF)
Initial Portfolio Rubric (PDF)
Lesson Plan Instructions (PDF)
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Lesson Plan Rubric (PDF)
Activities Catalog Directions (PDF)
Activities Catalog Rubric (PDF)
Final Student Teacher Competency Evaluation Instructions (PDF)
Final Student Teacher Competency Evaluation (PDF)
Other Forms
Infant Toddler Lesson Plan (.doc)
Infant Toddler Rubric (PDF)
Other Important Documents
Tips on Advising for CCED (PDF)
Course Outcomes (PDF)
NAEYC Standards (PDF)
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NAEYC Website
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Our Mission
The Child Care Education Program at Massasoit Community College endeavors to fulfill the college mission of supporting students in attaining their educational and personal goals. This is accomplished by providing a comprehensive Child Care Education program that prepares students to meet the ever changing needs of children, families, and the community. The program encourages students to view themselves as life-long learners who continue to develop professionally. The diversity of students and the community in which they live and work is recognized as an essential aspect of the Child Care Education curriculum. Respect for the individual is paramount.

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Child Care Education & Administration

Child Care Education & Administration Courses
- Descriptions

The Child Care Education and Administration department has designed a comprehensive career program for students interested in working with young children. The program will prepare students for Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) certification as Lead Teacher, and after six months of work experience, as a Director in a child care setting. The program will help students develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to work effectively in a multi-cultural society. The curriculum is designed to meet the standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

The Massasoit Children's Center is an integral part of the program, providing an opportunity to complete specific assignments in all courses. Formal instruction is integrated with fieldwork in the form of a supervised Practicum experience. The opportunity to observe and work in early childhood facilities will support course work, as well as fulfill EEC employment requirements. Admission to the Child Care Program, however, does not insure a practicum placement.

Prior to obtaining a practicum assignment, records of students may be subject to review pursuant to the Criminal Record Information Act, Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 6, Sections 172-178, and Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 28 A, Section 1 et seq., and regulations promulgated pursuant to such statutes.

The emphasis of this A.S. program is to provide the student with sufficient knowledge and skills to obtain employment upon graduation and is not oriented to transfer. However, several courses may transfer to baccalaureate degree granting institutions. Interested students should seek additional information from the Child Care Education Department.

Child Care Education and Administration Transfer Option
The Child Care Education and Administration Transfer Option is designed to meet the requirements of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education Transfer Compact. The intent of the compact is to facilitate transfer from community colleges in Massachusetts to early childhood preparation programs at public four-year institutions in Massachusetts. Graduates of the transfer option will meet EEC requirements for teacher.

EEC Lead Teacher Qualifiying Courses
Massasoit’s EEC qualifying course certificate provides students with the four courses necessary to become EEC Lead Teacher qualified. These courses, along with 36 months of work experience, will enable participates to apply and receive their EEC Lead Teacher Certification through the Department of early Education and Care.

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