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Advising Tips for the Child Care Education Program

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The Child Care Education Department has two Associate Degree Options and an In-House Certificate program. We hope the following information will help to address most questions.

The Child Care Education and Administration Associate Degree is primarily a career option designed to prepare students for the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) Certification as Lead Teacher/Director I positions in a child care setting.

The Child Care Education and Administration Transfer Option Associate Degree is designed to meet the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, Early Childhood Education Transfer Compact.   It is for students who plan to transfer to a four-year school after graduation from Massasoit. Graduates meet EEC teacher qualification.


Some CCED courses must be taken in sequence. As soon as developmental pre-requisites (ENGL092 and ENGL099) have been met students should enroll in CCED102 (Development in Early Childhood).

CCED102 (Development in Early Childhood), passed with a “C” or better, is a pre-requisite for CCED111 (Early Childhood Curriculum: A Multicultural Perspective).

CCED111 (Early Childhood Curriculum: A Multicultural Perspective), with a pr-requisite of “C” or better in CCED102,  is a pre or co-requisite for CCED401 (Practicum I in Child Care) and CCED407 (Seminar I in Child Care).

CCED401 (Practicum I in Child Care) and CCED407 (Seminar I in Child Care) are co-requisites.

CCED201 (Administration, Supervision and Management of Child Care Programs) is a pre or co-requisite for CCED405 (Practicum II in Child Care Management) and CCED408 (Seminar II in Child Care Management).

CCED405 (Practicum II in Child Care Management) and CCED408 (Seminar II in Child Care Management) are co-requisites. A grade of B- or better in CCED401 and CCED407 are required to enroll in CCED405 and CCED408.

CCED105 (Introduction to Early Childhood Education), PSYC102 (Child Psychology)*, or a “C” or better in CCED102 (Development in Early Childhood) is a pre-requisite for CCED201 (Administration, Supervision and Management of Child Care Programs) and CCED211 (Child Care Policies and Issues)

CCED102 (Development in Early Childhood) with a “C” or better, or PSYC102 (Child Psychology)* is a pre-requisite for CCED231 (Infant/Toddler Care)

The following CCED courses do not have pre/co-requisites:
            CCED101 (Behavior Management in Child Care)
            CCED105 (Introduction to Early Childhood)
            CCED112 (Health, Nutrition and Safety Needs of the Young Child)

In the Transfer Option it is recommended that students take the communication and literacy section of the MTEL upon completion of ENGL102 (English Composition II).

Students enrolling in either practicum should not schedule any other day classes on T/R for the semester since student teaching is 6 hours on every T/R (a total of 150 hours). Students must submit a completed Child Care Education Medical Form including all required EEC immunizations, before practicum placement. Admission to the Child Care Education Program does not ensure a practicum placement.  Students are tentatively placed in practicums, which may require a CORI/SORI (practicum site responsibility).
A prior criminal offense could hinder practicum placement and future employment in Child Care.

The first year of the Child Care Education and Administration  (Career Option) associate degree, including one practicum, constitutes the 29 credit in-house certificate.  Upon successful completion of the 10 courses included in the certificate, students will be EEC teacher qualified.

*PSYC102 (Child Psychology) is not a requirement in the Child Care Education and Administration Program but may be used as a pre-requisite for these specific courses (CCED201, CCED211, and CCED231).

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