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Respiratory Care Program Policies
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Respiratory Care Students
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Program Officials
Clinical Affiliates
Definition of Respiratory Care
Ethics & Professional Conduct
Scope of Practice
Cultural Diversity
Important Downloads
Program Brochure (pdf)
New Student Help Guide (pdf)
Clinical Student Handbook (pdf)
Clinical Instructor Handbook (pdf)
Advisory Board Handbook (pdf)
Policy Handbook (pdf)
Technical Standards (pdf)
SIM Lab Manual (pdf)
Note: The student handbook will also be on reserve in the College library.
Respiratory Care Links
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Respiratory - Occupational Outlook
Mass Board of Respiratory Care
AARC Careers
Life & Breath 2000 Video
This video shows the roles and responsibilities of respiratory care practitioners and interviews with real-life therapists, students, and physicians, and shows the various work settings and types of patients, as well as educational requirements. (Reqires RealPlayer)
Attendance Policy
Students are expected to attend all regularly scheduled classes, laboratory, and clinical sessions. If the student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to obtain the material presented.

If a student has more than one (1) clinical absence per semester, the student must make up the clinical absence(s).

If the Respiratory Care Program Coordinator and faculty determine that a student will be unable to fulfill the course requirement due to excessive absences, the student will be advised to withdraw from the course.

Change of Program
A student wishing to change from one program to another begins the process in the Counseling Support Services (Day School) or the Continuing Education Office (Evening or Summer School). A counselor, the student's advisor (Day Division), and/or the Division Chair/Program Representative discuss the change with the student. Final decisions on the change of program are made by the Admissions Office staff.

Modification of a Program
A student desiring to modify any program or vary from the stated academic policies should file the appropriate appeal with the Registrar's Office. Appeal forms are available at the Registrar's Office and the Continuing Education Office.

Failure of a Respiratory Care Course
The passing grade in all respiratory care courses is 75. Students, who do not achieve 75, will receive a grade of F. Respiratory care grades include both theory and clinical practice. Students must receive a minimum grade of 75 in both theory and clinical to receive a passing grade for the course. Clinical Practice is a pass/fail grade. Students must "pass" Clinical Practice and receive a minimum grade of 75 in the Respiratory theory in order to take the next level respiratory course. Each semester of respiratory care coursework must be successfully completed prior to progression to the next level of respiratory care coursework. Each level of respiratory care is a prerequisite to the next level.

Students who fail any respiratory care course cannot continue in the respiratory care program at the College. If they wish to stay at the College and take non-respiratory courses, they must change their program through the Counseling Support Services. If a student wishes to repeat the failed respiratory course, he/she must request readmission to the Respiratory Program through the Admission's Office. All applications for readmission to the Respiratory Program are on a space available basis.

Incomplete Grades in Respiratory Courses
Each semester of respiratory care courses must be completed with a minimum grade of 75 prior to progression to the next level of respiratory care, i.e. Respiratory Therapy 84101 must be satisfactorily completed before the student can take Respiratory Therapy 84102.

If a student receives a grade of Incomplete (I) for the semester, that grade must be completed before the student can take the next level respiratory care course. Each level of respiratory care is a prerequisite to the next level of respiratory care. Students who do not make up the incomplete prior to the beginning of the next level respiratory care course may have the next semester in which to complete the grade, but will be dismissed from the Respiratory Care program. When the incomplete is made up, the students will then need to reapply to the Respiratory Care program, through the Admission's Office, in order to enroll in the next higher level course. Acceptance for readmission into the Respiratory Care program is on a space available basis. A letter explaining this policy will be sent to the student with copies to the Registrar and Admissions Office.
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