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Polysomnographic Technology Program
Course Information  |  Program Requirements
The Polysomnographic Technology program at Massasoit Community College is a competency-based program that prepares the students for careers as polysomnographers. Students who successfully complete the program are eligible to take the Registered Polysomnography Technologist (RSPGT) examination. The Associate Degree Program in Polysomnography is a selective program. All applicants are reviewed by an admissions committee. This program is an evening program. Liberal Arts and Science courses in the curriculum may be taken day or evening. Clinicals will take place in the evening and may require overnight sessions.


What Polysomnographers Do
The polysomnographer will provide non-invasive monitoring techniques to record clinical events that occur in sleep. They will consult with physicians to recommend and provide guidance for patients on the uses of devices to treat breathing problems during sleep. Polysomnographers provide supportive services for sleep related problems.

Professional Opportunities
Polysomnographers are an integral member of the healthcare
team in diagnoses of sleep problems and the treatment of sleep

Special Admissions Requirements
Students who apply for the Polysomnographic Technology program at Massasoit are required to supply to the Admissions Office the following to be considered a complete applicant.

1. Massasoit Admission application must be completed.

2. Official Final High School Transcript or GED. (High school transcript must be sealed when received).

3. Official College Transcripts, if you have taken college classes (College transcripts must be sealed when received).

4. The 4 credit “Biological Principles” course is a pre-requisite of the Science Department for the following 4 credit courses at Massasoit:
- Anatomy and Physiology I
- Anatomy and Physiology II

Therefore one of the following is required prior to A & P I and A & P II.

A) The successful completion of Biological Principles course (within 7 years of beginning the program).

B) Successful challenge of Biological Principles examination by the Testing and Assessment Office

C) Transfer a 4 credit A & P I and II course

D) Transferring a 4 credit A & P I and II course will cancel the Biological Principles requirement.

5. Students must submit one letter of reference as to why the applicant would be a good candidate for Polysomnography.

6. Students must submit a personal letter stating why he or she would be qualified for the Polysomnography Program.

Information Session

7. Students must attend an information session about the Polysomnographic Technology Program curriculum and admissions
requirement. This is prior to admission to the program.

8. All items for admission must be submitted together before the deadline of January 4, 2010. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed and will be returned.

The students who have completed Biological Principles, A & P I and A & P II with a grade of B or better will be given priority consideration.

Graduation Requirements

  • 67 credits
  • Polysomnography course grades require a minimum grade of 75
  • Overall cumulative index of 2.0 or better
  • Successful completion of all clinical experience competencies

Upon acceptance into the Polysomnographic Technology Program, you will receive an informational letter from the department chairperson which will identify all the things that you will need to do before the program begins. The following health requirements must be met to complete acceptance.

1) Physical exam with physician’s statement that applicant is able to participate fully in learning experiences required in the program.

2) Tuberculosis screening negative (Mantoux or Chest X-Ray) required within the year.

3) Immunizations:
  a) Tetanus, Diptheria (Td) booster within five years
  b) Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR). Must have evidence of 2 doses of live measles vaccine or titre drawn with documentation of results.
  c) Hepatitis B Vaccine Series then titer above 10after series completion
  d) Chicken Pox titer

4) C.O.R.I. (Criminal Offender Record Information) checks will be done on all those admitted. Unsatisfactory C.O.R.I status will prohibit participation in clinical experience. Therefore, program requirements cannot be completed.

CPR Certification
All students admitted into the Polysomnographic Technology Program must submit verification of completing the CPR Certification Course (Healthcare Provider) prior to beginning clinical. This must be updated every two years. Students may contact the Nursing and Allied Health Office for facilities where this course is offered.

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