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Outcomes of the Nursing Program:

The graduates of this Associate Degree program are prepared to deliver nursing care in structured settings to patients with common health needs, and are eligible to take the NCLEX Examination for licensure as a registered nurse.

Critical thinking is a multi-faceted process that includes the application of analytical reasoning, reflection and rational problem solving skills, using verifiable information and clinical judgment in order to choose among existing alternative solutions to clinical problems.* At the completion of the Nurse Education Program at Massasoit Community College, the graduate will utilize critical thinking to:

Nursing Process Integrate consistently and independently the nursing
process in coordinating a holistic care plan to meet the
needs of individuals across the life span.
Teaching & Learning Incorporate teaching/learning concepts into nursing
Technical Skills Perform technical skills and competencies necessary
for entry into professional practice in accordance with
current policies, procedures, and evidence based
Roles & Responsibilities Integrate professional values through collegial practice,
lifelong learning, service to the community, and the
commitment to improvement of the profession and the
health care system.
Knowledge Base Synthesize knowledge from biological, behavioral,
social, and nursing science into the delivery of
individualized, holistic and caring nursing practice.
Communication Communicate effectively and therapeutically with
patients, families, and health care team members in the
coordination and delivery of patient care.
Diversity Provide nursing care to diverse populations both
independently and in collaboration with other health
team members.

*Adapted from PEW Commission ADN Competencies
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