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Admissions Requirements
Technical Standards
Evaluation Methods
The Program
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Course Descriptions
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Nurse Education

Methods of Evaluation

Unit Examinations Clinical Demonstration of Competency
Mid-term Examinations Laboratory Return Demonstrations
Final Examinations Self-Evaluation
Written Assignments Clinical Evaluation

The course grade shall consist of two parts:  theory and clinical practice.  Clinical performance will be evaluated periodically with a written evaluation completed at the end of the rotation.  The clinical grade will be recorded as pass/fail.  The theory grade will be determined from the results of written examinations.  The theory grade will be computed when:
  1. All required written assignments are completed satisfactorily.
  2. The student meets the minimum competencies of the clinical experience.
  3. The student has completed all lab assignments.
  4. The student successfully passes the semester specialty clinical experience (psychiatric / pediatric).
Letter Grades Equivalent for Nursing Courses

Numerical Grades Letter Grade
90-100 A
87-89   B+
84-86 B
82-83  B-
80-81   C+
78-79 C
75-77   C-
70-74   D+
65-69 D
60-64  D-
Below 60 F

Clinical Evaluation
At the beginning of each nursing course, students will receive a copy of the Clinical Evaluation Tool appropriate
to that course, to inform them of the criteria used for evaluation.

At the end of each clinical rotation students meet with their clinical instructor for the purpose of evaluating their
clinical performance as stated in the evaluation tool. Students are asked to participate in self-evaluation at this
time. Clinical performance is recorded as pass or fail.

A satisfactory quality point average must be maintained in accordance with the College Policies as outlined in the catalogue. A minimum grade of 78 (C) must be achieved in all nursing courses to continue in the Nurse Education Program. NURS101, NURS203 and NURS204 are prerequisites to NURS301. NURS301 is prerequisite to NURS302 and NURS303.
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