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Nurse Education
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Based on the mutual concerns for the needs of the Licensed Practical Nurse who is pursuing an Associate Degree in Nursing leading to licensure as
a Registered Nurse, and in an effort to provide a mobility program that builds on past learning experiences and eliminates unnecessary duplication of instruction, the Advanced Placement option for Licensed Practical Nurses has been developed. The Nursing program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, 3343 Peach Tree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326 (404) 975-5000. Legal authority is granted and oversight provided by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing, 239 Causeway St., Boston, MA 02114, 617-727-9961.

Course Required Course Transferred Credits Awarded
NURSING I (Fundamentals of Nursing) NURS101 8
NURSING II (Maternity) NURS203 4
NURSING III (Intro. to Med-Surg Nursing) NURS204 4

All LPN applicants are placed on a Waiting List upon receipt of an application in the Admissions Office and admitted based upon the date the application is received and all criteria are met. While on the waiting list, students should complete the following:


1. File an application through the Admissions Office and submit all required documents including an official copy of the high school transcript or GED Certificate, an official transcript from the school of practical nursing, and all official transcript(s) from any college(s) previously attended.

2. Complete all FIRST YEAR NON-NURSING COURSE REQUIREMENTS (as appropriate) (See program requirements.)
Priority consideration will be given to applicants completing prerequisites with a B or better.

3. Hold current licensure as an LPN in Massachusetts and submit copy of current licensure card to Admissions.

4. Submit a satisfactory letter of recommendation from the employer of the clinical nursing practice setting.

5. Applicants who did not graduate from a U.S. high school and/or have English as a Second Language must submit a score of score 550 or above on the paper based TOEFL, 213 or above on the computerized TOEFL, or 79-80 or above on the Internet based TOEFL.

6. A maximum of 35 credits including first year nursing credits may be credited to you. Since sixteen nursing credits may be granted, this leaves only fourteen credits to be accepted from other colleges. To avoid this problem, it is suggested that you take your nonnursing courses at Massasoit.**

**Any biological science course (including Biological Principles, Anatomy and Physiology I & II, and Microbiology) taken more than 7 years prior to the date of enrollment, will not satisfy degree requirements and may need to be repeated.

Please Note: Beginning Fall 2007, Excelsior College Testing is no longer required.

Program Requirements

All LPNs MUST take a "Bridge Course" given during the summer. This course cannot be taken more than two (2) years prior to admission into the Nursing Program. The Nursing Department will notify eligible students.

Applicants for the Advanced Placement Option must meet all College Admission requirements as outlined. All first year non-nursing course requirements must be completed. Microbiology and Human Growth and Development must be taken prior to or concurrently with the Nursing IV course in the first semester of the second year.

When all requirements as outlined have been met, the College will award a maximum of sixteen (16) credits in Nursing. The applicant will be admitted into the Associate Degree Nursing Program, after successful completion of the "Bridge Course" given in the summer. The course will be graded with a pass/fail grade.

Admission is contingent upon submission of documentation indicating that health requirements have been met, as required by all nursing students.

Upon acceptance into the program, students must complete the following:

1. Physical exam with physician's statement that applicant is able to participate fully in learning experiences required in the program.
2. Tuberculosis screening - negative, (mantoux or Chest X-Ray) required within the year.
3. Immunizations: a. Tetanus, Diptheria (Td) booster within 5 years. b. Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR). Must have evidence of two (2) doses of live measles vaccine or titre drawn with documentation of results. c. Hepatitis B Vaccine Series is required d. Chicken Pox Screening.
4. C.O.R.I. (Criminal Offender Record Information) checks will be done on all those admitted. Unsatisfactory C.O.R.I. status will prohibit participation in clinical experience. Therefore, program requirements cannot be completed.

Note: If you have ever been convicted by a court of law, your record will be subject to review by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing upon application for the Registered Nurse Licensure Examination.

The National League of Nursing now requires that all students admitted into the Nursing Program must submit verification of completing the CPR Certification Course (Course C) prior to beginning clinical in the Fall of each year.

Freshman Year
Semester One
Semester Two
English Composition I *
English Composition II
General Psychology [ ]
Liberal Arts Elective
Anatomy & Physiology I **** [ ]
Anatomy & Physiology II [ ]
Nursing I #
Nursing II #
Nursing III #
Sophomore Year
Semester One
Semester Two
Microbiology *** [ ]
Principles of Sociology
Human Growth and Development + [ ]
Nursing Seminar #
Nursing IV #
Nursing #

If one tests out of English Composition I, see College Catalog.

Graduation Requirement: Math competency may be fulfilled by taking course MATH101 Intro. to Algebra (with a C- or better) or passing the computerized placement test.

**** Successful completion of college level Biological Principles or examination arranged by the Testing & Assessment Office: (508)588-9100, x1991.

[] These courses must be taken prior to or concurrently with the nursing courses listed for each semester. Please see College Catalog
for prerequisites to all courses.

# A grade of 78 or better is needed for completion.

+ Graduates of Southeastern Regional, Blue Hills Technical School, and Bristol Plymouth Technical School are given transfer credit for this course.

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