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Engineering Technology

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The emphasis of "Career Programs'' is to provide the student with sufficient knowledge and skills to obtain employment upon graduation. Engineering Technology is that part of the engineering field which requires the application of engineering knowledge and methods combined with technical skills in support of engineering activities. The technician differs from the craftsman in his/her knowledge of scientific and engineering theory and methods and from an engineer in his/her more specialized background and skills.

Requirement to Enter the Programs
Applicants to the Engineering Technology career programs must have high school Algebra II or take Massasoit's 38112 "Intermediate Algebra and Trigonometry'' during the summer. It would also be helpful to the student if he or she has completed a physical science course with laboratory (Physics is recommended).

These programs are not oriented toward transfer to a four-year baccalaureate engineering program. However, there are some four-year engineering technology programs to which transfer is relatively easy. Interested students should talk to their counselors or to any of the Technology Department faculty.

Electronic Technology
Electronics is a dynamic and ever expanding industry. It is a field, which extends into many technological areas. For example electro-mechanical devices and systems are found in a vast number of industries. In order to fulfill industrial needs, students in this program receive thorough training in electro-mechanical devices, hydraulic, and process control systems. In addition, the telecommunications industry is the bridge connecting the students of today with the ever-expanding technology of tomorrow. It is in this area that businesses will compete, merge and redefine the market to meet radically changing industry needs and to offer consumer services. Consequently, students are trained in the essential knowledge and skills needed to work in the development, installation, and the maintenance of automated systems. Graduates of the Electronics Technology Program can expect to enter the labor market as electrical technicians with strong backgrounds in basic electricity and electronics and will be able to function in a variety of areas required by employment in the construction field, manufacturing, marketing and service industry.

An opportunity being offered is dual enrollment with the Electrical Contracting Industry of Greater Boston Apprenticeship Program and Massasoit Community College. Under this agreement, the Telecommunications and Electrician Apprentices can enroll for this program while preparing to meet the challenges of industry.
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